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Mason Quilted Ultimate Furniture Protectors

National Puppy Day (March 23rd) is almost here! If your furniture could talk, however, it might tell you that every day feels like “National Puppy Day.”

Give your puppy-pounced furniture a little break from the pet hair and snags by covering it with the Mason Ultimate Furniture Protector. This double-diamond quilted, microfiber faux suede furniture protector covers more than 90% of your furnishing. It’s also soil-resistant, snag-resistant, and water-repellant with a polypropylene backing. Simply machine wash and line dry the furniture cover when it needs freshening up.

Offered in several colors, this furniture cover is available in recliner/wing chair, loveseat, sofa, and extra-long sofa sizes. All sizes except the recliner cover have straps and D-rings to secure the protector.

The Mason Ultimate Furniture Protector is a Touch of Class® exclusive design, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Click here to view measurement information and to order this cover.

Mason Quilted Ultimate Furniture Protector

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Premier Puff Pet Furniture Protectors with Tuck Flaps

Are you trying to keep a neater home in the new year? Make it a little easier on yourself to keep that resolution (and to live peacefully with your pet) with the Premier Puff Pet Furniture Protector.

This pet furniture cover has a soft, plush puff square design in a solid color. Tuck-in flaps and a longer back help keep it in place; we also recommend the use of a rug pad underneath to reduce slippage. This handsome furniture protector is snag- and soil-resistant and machine washable.

Offered in a rainbow of colors, this furniture cover is available in recliner, loveseat, and sofa sizes. The recliner cover can be used on a standard chair; for a chair and a half, we recommend the loveseat cover.

Click here to view the Premier Puff Pet Furniture Protector and size/measurement information.

Premier Puff Pet Furniture Cover in Crimson
Premier Puff Pet Furniture Cover in Chocolate

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Ultimate Anti-Slip Furniture Protectors

Are even traditional furniture covers no match for your squirmy, overactive ball of fur? Your pet has met its match with the Ultimate Anti-Slip Furniture Protector!

This unique furniture cover has two features to keep it from sliding around: an innovative anti-slip backing and adjustable straps for a secure fit. This easy-on, easy-off, one-piece protector can even be used on leather furniture.

In addition to its anti-slip properties, this cover is water-repellant and soil-resistant, giving your furnishing a defense against stains and pet hair. The microsuede material is box-stitched and available in three colors: dark beige, light chocolate, and slate gray.

Click here to view the Ultimate Anti-Slip Furniture Protectors and sizing/measurement information.

Ultimate Anti Slip Furniture Protector Recliner/Wing Chair

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Paradise Solid Color and Tropical Pet Furniture Covers

When the summer heat ushers you into the sweet coolness of the indoors, relax in bliss upon a Paradise Furniture Protector. This attractive furniture cover will protect your furnishing from pets, stains, and dirt. There’s no need to fret about your furry pal destroying your furniture; this microfiber polyester cover is water-repellant and soil-resistant.

Paradise Leaf Furniture Protector Parchment Recliner/Wing Chair Paradise Solid Color Furniture Protector Recliner/Wing Chair

The Paradise Pet Furniture Cover has a quilted pattern and covers more than 90% of your furnishing. On all sizes but the recliner, straps and D-rings secure the protector—just another reason to de-stress and ignore the summer swelter. Treat yourself to a little slice of paradise with a refreshing watercolor tropical print or a tranquil solid tone: sage, chocolate, or natural.

Recliner/wing chair, loveseat, sofa, and extra-long sofa sizes are available. The Paradise Furniture Covers are exclusive designs for Touch of Class®, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

If your dog or cat loves the cover as much as you do, no problem. The Paradise Furniture Protectors are machine washable on the gentle cycle; line dry.

Click here to view the Paradise Furniture Covers and sizing/measurement information.

Click here to view the entire Paradise Collection, including coordinating window treatments and other home decor.

Paradise Pet Furniture Covers

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Floral Meadow Pet Furniture Covers

Summer is on its way! If you can sense it, maybe your pet can too! Has he been scampering about more than usual, hopping up on furnishings that couldn’t possibly be off-limits? If so, you might be on the lookout for a pet furniture protector. Understandably, dark, solid colors may not be at the top of your list during this time of year. The Floral Meadow Furniture Protector is the answer, with a delightful wildflower design that’s fresh and summery.

This diamond-quilted, off-white furniture cover features flowers in colors of burgundy and claret and leaves in moss and charcoal. The floral furniture protector has a water-repellant face that is also soil- and snag-resistant. A longer back helps cover your furniture for more protection. Your pet can cuddle in among the flowers whenever he likes; when the furniture cover needs freshening up, you can machine wash it using the gentle cycle and cold water. Recliner, loveseat, and sofa sizes are available.

Click here to view the Floral Meadow Furniture Covers and sizing/measurement information.

Floral Meadow Furniture Protector Off White Recliner/Wing Chair
Floral Meadow Furniture Protector Off White Recliner/Wing Chair

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Pretty Butterfly-Patterned Pet Furniture Protectors for Spring

Here with a flash of color, then gone, butterflies are the ultimate ephemeral beauties. These wondrous winged creatures might be persuaded to stay awhile, however, on the Butterfly Furniture Protectors.

Not only are these patterned furniture covers pretty enough for spring, but they are also water-repellant and soil- and snag-resistant. If your cat or dog has been getting rambunctious in these waning days of winter, these lined furniture covers will be a welcome addition to your home.

These pet furniture covers feature a medley of butterflies and botanicals in colors of brown, eggshell, yellow, and blue. These quilted, microfiber furniture protectors are machine washable, so you can freshen them up at any time. The one-piece styling drapes over the seat, back, and arms of your furnishing. Choose the recliner/wing chair cover, loveseat cover, or sofa cover.

Click here to view these butterfly furniture covers and sizing/measurement information.

Butterfly Furniture Protector Cover Eggshell Recliner/Wing Chair Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.10.31 AM

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Holiday Pet Furniture Covers

With the holiday feast over and you in your cap

You settled into your chair for a post-dinner nap

When what to your drowsy eyes should appear

But an adorable furball, grinning from ear to ear.

You were tempted to tell him, “This is not your bed”

As visions of snags and messes danced in your head

But before you said, “Dash away, dash away, dash away, all!”

You found a solution for creatures large and small


These festive holiday pet furniture covers will keep your furnishings looking good while infusing your decor with seasonal spirit. And if your pet is ready to claim his rightful place beside you, you can indulge him, since these covers are snag- and soil-resistant, as well as water-repellant.

Made from quilted polyester microfiber, these pet protectors are machine washable, should you need to freshen them up before guests arrive. Simply line dry them, and place them back on your furnishings. Holiday furniture covers are available in recliner, loveseat, and sofa sizes. The recliner cover can be used on a standard chair or wing chair. Click here to view both patterns.

The Snowflake Furniture Protector looks like a winter wonderland with its all-over snowflake print. Cover is available in red and blue.

Snowflake Furniture Protector Cover Recliner Snowflake Furniture Protector Cover Recliner

The Cardinal Furniture Protector features a darling cardinal and holly print on a light blue background with snowflakes.

Cardinal Furniture Protector Cover Light Blue Recliner Cardinal Furniture Protector Cover Light Blue Recliner

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Protect Your Furnishings with Patterned Pet Furniture Covers

Are you tired of solid color pet furniture covers, but you still want to protect your furnishings from your four-legged pals? These quilted, patterned furniture protectors will ease your mind while enlivening your room.

Soil- and snag-resistant properties help protect your furniture from frisky pets who don’t understand “off limits.” In addition, the longer back provides better staying power if your cat or dog does decide to curl up next to you. If these pet furniture covers need freshening up, or if there’s an accident, don’t fret; these furniture protectors are machine washable – simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Four furniture cover options are available: a chair cover, recliner/wing chair cover, loveseat cover, and sofa cover.

The pretty English Floral Furniture Protectors feature a botanical print on a natural-colored background; choose flowers in a tea rose or sky blue coloration.

English Floral Furniture Protector Cover Chair

English Floral Furniture Protector Cover Chair

The Seashells Furniture Protectors have a cool, coastal vibe with seashells, coral, and seahorses in medium blue on a wavy striped light cream and champagne background.

Seashells Furniture Protector Cover Medium Blue Chair

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Spring Grooming Tips for Your Pet

Whether it means fishing winter muck out of the gutters or just finally hefting your Christmas decorations into the garage, spring cleaning is a great way to revitalize your home, syncing your inside world with the freshness of the outside. But did you know that pets need to be spring cleaned too?

Referred to as “blowing the coat,” many pets undergo an intense but completely normal shed as the days grow longer and warmer. Here are some ways to facilitate the process until it’s finally over—and keep your home hair-free in the interim.

1. Shedding is natural, but patchy and excessive hair loss is not. If your pet is scratching or biting aggressively at her coat, get her to a vet to determine the real problem. It could be allergies, stress, fleas, or any other number of things.

2. Grooming should be a year-round occurrence, not just a one-time event to tack onto the spring cleaning list. According to TerrificPets.com, a lack of grooming can lead to mats, which are painful and may cause infection.

3. My Pet Naturally Clean suggests either brushing your pet until the winter coat is completely effaced or bathing first, brushing after, and bathing once more to coax out a stubborn undercoat. Take care not to over-bathe—this can irritate your pet’s skin.

4. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids can be supplemented into your pet’s diet to create a healthy coat and speed up the shed, suggests TerrificPets.com. A combination of a bristle brush and a slick brush will make quick work of a short-haired dog’s—or cat’s!—coat; use a shedding rake for long-haired dogs.

5. Finally, if your furniture and carpet are to withstand this flurry of fur, you can use a “damp sponge” or “high-density foam” to pick hair up off surfaces. My Pet Naturally Clean praises these mechanisms for being reusable and more effective than costly alternatives.

Cleaning hair off each individual surface can be tedious work, and you no doubt have plenty of other chores on your to-do list. That’s why you should utilize pet accessories like the furniture covers to keep sofas, chairs, and loveseats hair-and-hassle-free. Pet covers are washable, freeing you to do other things…like finally taking down those Christmas lights.

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Pet Furniture Protectors

The holiday season is over, and now you’re left peering into a holly-jolly abyss: towers of refrigerated leftovers, ornaments behind the couch, a tree that has yet to be taken down. If you got a new pet for Christmas, your mess factor has probably doubled at least. So here’s a little something to add to your post-Christmas list: pet furniture covers.

Pet furniture protectors are a must, whether you’re the new owner of a rambunctious youngster or a seasoned adoptee. Claws will snag, fur will shed—it’s just a reality of pet parenthood, but a furniture protector will preserve your sofas, chairs, and loveseats. Look for a pet furniture cover that will accentuate your furniture, not cheapen it. Durability and stain resistance are also a must, if you intend to stay on good terms with your animal friend all year round!

Faux-suede polyester furniture protectors are ideal; they’re hardy and soil-resistant, yet palatial and soft to the touch. A box or diamond-quilted face breaks up an otherwise flat surface and provides interest, while muted colors and neutrals will complement any color scheme.

When choosing a pet furniture cover, keep your pet’s nature in mind. Is he small but hyperactive? Go with the Microfiber Non-Skid Protector or the Microplush Pet Furniture Cover with its longer back-flap to prevent sliding.

Microfiber Non-Skid Furniture Protector Microplush Pet Furniture Cover

Is your pet so big she uproots normal protectors in one fell spring? Try the Microfiber Pet Furniture Cover with Tuck-In Flaps or the Ultimate Pet Furniture Cover with Straps. Straps serve the dual purpose of extra security as well as a more “finished” look.

Microfiber Pet Furniture Cover with Tuck-In Flaps Ultimate Pet Furniture Cover with Straps

Pet furniture covers can be both practical and luxurious, so think of them as a way to play up the beauty of your decor, not mask it. May the new year bring you less mess and nothing but happy times for you and your new four-legged companion.


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