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Reflect Equine Grace with Horse Home Decor

Horse home decor captures that breathtaking moment when all four of a stallion’s hooves depart from the earthly plain below and his mane lifts from his robust neck. Perhaps these quiet moments, hanging suspended in time, are even more beautiful than those in which these animals are in motion. Horse owners will treasure home decor that encapsulates the spirit of their cherished pet; admirers from afar will enjoy the artistic depictions of this noble creature.

A great way to immortalize the majesty of this animal is through horse wall art. The tender¬†Healing the Heart Wall Art Set is a collection of watercolor prints enclosed in striking veneered wooden frames. One print reveals a young girl’s first tentative embrace of her pet, a platinum-haired horse. The other depicts a quiet moment in which human and horse share a symbiotic life energy. The wordless companionship between a gentle giant and a small girl is underscored in this set.

The Horse Solitude Table Sculpture is another quiet piece in the horse home decor repertoire. Crafted from brown-washed resin, it capitalizes on equine grace. The arched neck, the defined jaw, and the luculent dark eyes are all testaments to the silent wonder one might feel watching a wild horse grazing on a rocky hill. With their elegant silhouettes, horse table sculptures make ideal decorative accents for the display surfaces in your home.

The prairie billows about a frozen procession of hooves in the Wild Horses Bedding. This panoramic comforter has a cotton face in chestnut with a light brown mixed background. The border depicts the awe-inspiring sight of a galloping herd. This comforter, like the sculpture and prints, is wordlessly robust. Mimicking this design, the coordinating pillows are fringed with a rustic “mane.”¬†Horse bedding will win the heart of any equine enthusiast with captivating scenes and earthy colors.

Horse home decor allows you to submerge yourself in the presence of this quiet but vivacious animal, even if you do not own one yourself.

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