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Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Do you need a little gift-giving inspiration this holiday season? If you’re struggling to find special gifts for the fellow pet lovers on your list, these suggestions might be just what you need. Curl up with your dog or cat, and have a look at these unique gift ideas!
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  1. Personalized Pet Stocking
    A pet is a member of the family and deserves a stocking brimming with goodies just like everyone else. Fill the stocking with toys, treats, and grooming essentials for a wonderful holiday gift.
    Woof Dog Christmas Stocking Red
  2. Pet Photo Holiday Pillow
    Slip in a photo of the recipient’s mischievous pet for a humorous Christmas gift. Being good “most of the time” should be good enough for Santa, right?

    Pet Picture Cat Pillow Cat 10 Square

  3. Microplush Quilted Pet Cover with Bolster
    Pet owners will love having a special spot for Fido or Fluffy. This cover can be personalized with the pet’s name.

    Microplush Bolstered Pet Cover 30 x 30

  4. Pet-Themed Holiday Figurine
    Santa loves pets too! Your favorite pet owner will love to display this figurine atop a bookcase, dresser, or mantel – out of pets’ reach, of course.

    Micestro Clothtique Santa with Cats Red

  5. Cat Sculpture or Dog Sculpture
    Find an abstract, modern sculpture or a realistic depiction. If you know the pet’s personality, find a sculpture to match.

    Merlin Cat Sculpture Orange
    Morning Walk Dachshund Sculpture Black

  6. Dog Treat Jar
    The pet owner on your list might love an upgrade! He or she can store dog treats without worrying about an eyesore on the counter.

    Dog Treat Jar Cream

  7. Dog Bone Braided Rug
    Dog owners will be happy to have a charming, dedicated space for food and water bowls.


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Celebrate National Cat Day

As Halloween nears, and black cat silhouettes with backs arched and hackles raised appear on every doorstep, we are reminded that National Cat Day, October 29th, is approaching. Unlike Halloween, however, National Cat Day is a time to banish all the spooky superstition surrounding these animals. It’s a day to honor felines as individuals, to shatter the old trope that cats are lazy, aloof creatures.

According to Petcentric, National Cat Day is behind a campaign to encourage the adoption of 10,000 cats all across the country. October 29th just might be the perfect day to hit up a shelter and rescue a homeless cat! Otherwise, just show the kitty already in your life that she isn’t just a bewhiskered obstacle course you must contend with when you’re fumbling for the hallway light switch. Shower her with treats or buy her a kitty condo (although a cardboard box seems to work just as well). Above all, just be there! Cats are fiercely independent animals, so they’re sometimes easy to overlook. But when you feel that little body curling figure-eights around your leg, take a minute to devote your attention entirely to her. A nice, long scratch behind the ears will speak volumes on National Cat Day.

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