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Catnap Sleeping Kitten Wall Accent

Tuckered out from playing and climbing, it’s time for a little Catnap. Upon finding the perfect branch, this slumbering feline is sure to bring a measure of cuteness to your decor.

Made of resin, this adorable wall accent features a completely relaxed kitty cat on a tree branch enjoying kitten dreams. This cat-tastic gift-worthy item measures 10.5”Wx4.5”Dx8”H. The kitten wall accent is perfect for cat lovers and is available in three colorations: a black and white kitten, a striped gray kitten, and a striped orange kitten.

Click here to shop the Catnap Wall Accent from the Touch of Class® web site!

Catnap Black and White Sleeping Kitten Wall AccentCatnap Striped Gray Sleeping Kitten Wall AccentCatnap Striped Orange Sleeping Kitten Wall Accent

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Curious Cat Shelf Sitter Sculpture

As cat owners know, you merely live in the house—the cat is the true ruler. Every space is his to explore, so why not decorate with a sculpture that portrays him at his most inquisitive?

Place the Curious Cat on a shelf or ledge so that he can peer down at all the goings-on. With a curled tail and ears all perked up, this cat sculpture will remind you of your own funny feline. This 6″Wx12″Dx7.5″H shelf sitter is available in three finishes: aged bronze, gray, and mocha.

Click here to shop the Curious Cat Shelf Sitter from the Touch of Class® site.

Curious Cat Shelf Sitter

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Home Decor Picks in Honor of National Cat Day

Get in line, felines—we’re all getting ready to celebrate National Cat Day in the United States! Your cat knows who really rules the house (hint: it’s not you), so you might as well find home decor in his likeness. Whether your kitty is reserved or constantly on the prowl, you can find knickknacks and accessories that capture his unique purr-sonality.

Click the images below to shop the featured items on the Touch of Class® site.

Meet Merlin! He looks so real, you’ll have to stop yourself from reaching out to pet him. This intricate resin cat sculpture is available in three colorations: black and white, gray stripes, and orange stripes.

Merlin Cat Sculpture

How many times have you seen your cat utterly captivated by a feather or a butterfly? The Playful Cats Bookends reflect your cat’s innate curiosity while providing some order to your shelf or desk.

Playful Cats Bookends

We’re all for it if you and your pet want to turn National Cat Day into National Nap Day. Just place the Ultimate Microplush Pet Cover with Bolster on your sofa, and you’ll both have a comfy spot to relax.

Ultimate Microplush Pet Cover with Bolster

If your cat is an expert window-watcher, you’ll love the Urban Felines Wall Art Set. These wooden plaques have dreamy, chalk-like scenes of two observant cats looking out upon city settings.

Urbal Felines Cat Wall Art

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Playtime Pet-Themed Home Decor

Are you looking for pet-themed home decor that is as playful as your furry pal? The Playtime items have a cute, sweet style with adorable puppies and kittens toying with balls of yarn.

The semi-sheer tier window treatment set is embellished with ruffled accents, navy trim, paw prints, and saddle brown collar motifs. Set includes a swag valance and a tier pair.

The eco PVC foam comfort mat has a solid navy outer border and inner collar trim. The anti-fatigue floor mat has slip-resistant backing.

Click here to view and order the Playtime home decor shown below.

Playtime Pet-Themed Tier Window Treatment Set Playtime Pet-Themed Comfort Mat

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Kitten or Puppy Doorstop Draft Guards

When the chilly fall wind comes a-whistling, how will you protect your house against it? Cuddled up next to you on the sofa or bed, your pet might be keeping you toastier than usual – but he or she doesn’t have much insulating power against pesky door drafts. That’s where these adorable doorstop draft guards come in!

Why choose a boring draft guard when you could be displaying these adorable balls of fur instead? Each jacquard-stitched accent features a row of kittens or puppies above a plaid border. Simply place this accent in front of any door that is prone to drafts. If you’re in a warmer climate, display these cuties wherever you like as jumbo decorative pillows instead of using them as draft blockers. Each doorstop draft guard has a zippered cover that is machine washable; be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when laundering.

Kittens in a Row Doorstop Draft Guard Linen Puppies in a Row Doorstop Draft Guard Linen

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Charming Cat Decor and Home Accents

Why does the tinkling of a jingle bell collar incite a nervous clench in your stomach? When a tail lashes suspiciously close to your feet, why cringe and pull them into your chair? For all the fear a stalking, unseen kitty might inspire in you, many people—cat owners especially—find their high jinks amusing, even adorable. Cat home accents enkindle that same playfulness in the home—often with more toes left intact.

At first blush, the Sidekick Cat Wall Hook might seem like just another wall accessory to quietly dangle keys or jewelry on your wall. But a sort of camaraderie exists between these two cats—the smallest leaning conspiratorially into his brother as they peer with keen interest over their shoulders. The keys gleaming on their tails are welcome playthings. A playful drama unfolds with this adorable wall hook finished in bronze.

The Kitten Trio Table Vase proudly displays your flower arrangements or other accents; what lends it its impish appeal are the three kittens surrounding it. Their fascinated eyes are trained upon the greenery swooping over their upturned heads—you half expect them to sit upright and nibble your flowers! For an alternative to decorative greenery, consider adding your planter of catnip or cat grass to the basket to really tempt these little kittens. A whitewash finish gives the trio an angelic appearance.

The kitchen is often a place of wonderment for cats, so it is only fitting to include the Cat and Bird Paper Towel Holder. A cat and bird, both finished in aged patina, are embroiled in a face-off as old as time. The cat, too filled with sun and kibble to pounce, watches lazily from an antique-gold base. The bird peers back from above, unwilling to let his guard down. Cats can bring charm even to paper towel holders!

The Kittens Water Fountain, indoors or out, is a cute scene pulled from the backyard. A litter of kittens surrounds this fountain, the boldest kitty crouching close to the accursed water, while the meek hang back and peer apprehensively at their siblings. This resin cat sculpture exhibits realistic stripes and markings, looking more like a snapshot than a table fountain.

Finally, the Natural Curiosity Bird Feeder is another item perfect for the outdoors. A golden tabby cat pores over a hollow stump filled with your bird food. After all, where there are seeds, there are birds! A passing snail distracts the mighty hunter as it creeps near his paw. This resin bird feeder displays great detail, right down to the tendrils of fur sprouting inside the kitten’s ears.

Whether your own cat power-naps too frequently to invoke a playful air or whether you simply don’t own a cat, these home accents should do the trick for any cat lover!

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