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Spring Grooming Tips for Your Pet

Whether it means fishing winter muck out of the gutters or just finally hefting your Christmas decorations into the garage, spring cleaning is a great way to revitalize your home, syncing your inside world with the freshness of the outside. But did you know that pets need to be spring cleaned too?

Referred to as “blowing the coat,” many pets undergo an intense but completely normal shed as the days grow longer and warmer. Here are some ways to facilitate the process until it’s finally over—and keep your home hair-free in the interim.

1. Shedding is natural, but patchy and excessive hair loss is not. If your pet is scratching or biting aggressively at her coat, get her to a vet to determine the real problem. It could be allergies, stress, fleas, or any other number of things.

2. Grooming should be a year-round occurrence, not just a one-time event to tack onto the spring cleaning list. According to, a lack of grooming can lead to mats, which are painful and may cause infection.

3. My Pet Naturally Clean suggests either brushing your pet until the winter coat is completely effaced or bathing first, brushing after, and bathing once more to coax out a stubborn undercoat. Take care not to over-bathe—this can irritate your pet’s skin.

4. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids can be supplemented into your pet’s diet to create a healthy coat and speed up the shed, suggests A combination of a bristle brush and a slick brush will make quick work of a short-haired dog’s—or cat’s!—coat; use a shedding rake for long-haired dogs.

5. Finally, if your furniture and carpet are to withstand this flurry of fur, you can use a “damp sponge” or “high-density foam” to pick hair up off surfaces. My Pet Naturally Clean praises these mechanisms for being reusable and more effective than costly alternatives.

Cleaning hair off each individual surface can be tedious work, and you no doubt have plenty of other chores on your to-do list. That’s why you should utilize pet accessories like the furniture covers to keep sofas, chairs, and loveseats hair-and-hassle-free. Pet covers are washable, freeing you to do other things…like finally taking down those Christmas lights.

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Summer Dog Grooming Tips

A lawn mower perfumes the air with the fragrance of freshly-cut grass. You let the frisbee flit from your fingertips, then watch as your dog bounds alongside its dark green shadow. Her teeth clip the disk, and head held high, she marches triumphantly back…on fluorescent green paws. At times like this, a dog grooming guide is essential!

Summer is here, and, although the ASPCA suggests a three-month time lapse between groomings, every three days might seem more realistic this time of the year. Dog grooming, no matter how frequent, does not have to be a struggle if you familiarize yourself with the ASPCA’s guidelines.

Ease into It: Five to ten minutes may seem like insufficient time to groom your dog, but the first few grooming sessions need to be brief and fun. Otherwise, your dog could develop a negative attitude toward grooming—and a nigh fatal smell.

Brush First: This might also seem counterintuitive. Brushing before bathing untangles any mats lurking in your pet’s fur before they get soaked. Always consider the length of your dog’s coat: long fur will, understandably, require more maintenance.

Bath Time: If your dog is treading water, you probably went overboard. Four inches of warm water is all that is needed! From there, it is pretty straightforward. Just remember to use a pet-safe shampoo and to keep it out of her eyes!

Nail Trim: Your dog might not be crazy about this one. Occasionally rubbing her paws will eventually make her more comfortable around you. When trimming, avoid the pink near the base. That part is actually a vein, so it will bleed if cut!

Follow these tips, and dog grooming will never have to be a struggle again. Keeping your dog out of that mud puddle to start with is another matter entirely!

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