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Pet Safety Tip: Use LED Flameless Candles!

To your pet, there are just so many interesting sights and smells in your home to explore—but that candle burning atop your table shouldn’t be one of them. Some rowdy playing nearby or a swish of that furry feline tail, and (oops!) you could have a real mess and dangerous situation on your hands.

Opt for flameless candles instead! Most battery-powered LED flameless candles provide a warm, flickering glow but are not hot to the touch. You don’t have to worry that if the candle is tipped over, the flame will start a fire. You don’t have to be concerned that your curious pet will get burned from the flame or the hot, dripping wax. And finally, you won’t be exposing your pet to potentially harmful fumes (some flameless candles are scented, so you may want to opt for unscented varieties).

Stock up on LED candles for a safer environment in your home. Flameless candles can be used in mantel displays, centerpiece arrangements, lanterns, wall sconces, and even seasonal decorations.

LED Flameless Candles

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Tropical Parrot-Themed Dining Accessories

All you exotic bird lovers will be flapping your wings over these adorable parrot-themed dining accessories. These serving accents will bring color and tropical flair to your table while you season your food or pour your favorite beverage.

Designed by ©Suzanne Nicoll, these earthenware accessories resemble a green parrot with blue accents. Each cute parrot is handpainted with a gloss finish.

Click here to view the Tropics Parrot Salt and Pepper Shaker Set.
Click here to view the Tropics Parrot Beverage Pitcher.

Tropics Parrot Salt and Pepper Shakers Green Set of Two
Tropics Parrot Beverage Pitcher Green

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February: National Bird Feeding Month

Who says the perfect pet has to be confined to the couch or bound by a leash? Backyard birds may be free to come and go as they please, but the relationship they share with bird watchers is still one of content companionship. The watcher offers succulent seeds and a quick bath, safely elevated from neighborhood cats. The bird offers song and his delightful presence as he flits from perch to perch. It’s a quiet relationship, warm and evenly reciprocated.

February is National Bird Feeding Month and, coincidentally, also a peak period for bird migration. The National Bird Feeding Society says that Congressman John Porter, in establishing the tradition in 1994, called February “one of the most difficult months in the United States for wild birds.” No doubt, the journey home for spring is a tedious one. Why not simplify the move and make a few feathered friends in the process? Besides, February affords many opportunities to see migratory birds not native to your area.

Here are some tips from the National Bird Feeding Society to help you get started:

  1. Black-oil sunflower seed is quite popular with most birds. The NBFS suggests placing these in a tubular feeder; sit back and watch the birds come in droves!
  2. Different seeds attract different species; play with combinations and see who turns up.
  3. Make your yard inviting and safe. In addition to feeders, provide birdhouses and baths. Attach a bell to your cat’s collar to warn birds, and always keep feeders clean.

Make sure your feeders are visible from the house–then sit back and enjoy the feathered congregation gathering right outside your window.

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