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Pet Traveling Car Seats

Keep your pet safe when traveling with a car seat from Snoozer™. You can allow your pet to ride right next to you with the Pet Lookout® Console Booster Car Seat, or in the seat next to you with the Pet Lookout® Car Booster SeatBoth of these seats are made of firm, quilted nylon polyurethane foam. You can choose from a variety of colors for the exterior. Each car seat has safety features that allow the seat to be securely strapped into your vehicle so that your pet can enjoy the outside view. Each is also equipped with a safety strap that can be used with your pet harness. These car seats are a great, unique way to keep your pet safe during your travels!

Pet Lookout® Car Booster Seat

Pet Lookout® Console Booster Car Seat

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Cat Fitness

Does your kitty have the reputation of being lazy cat?  If so, there are many ways to help your cat become more active and, if needed, slim down.  According to Animal Planet, if your cat is overweight or not fit, it is at risk for heart, respiratory and kidney disease, as well as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and ligament injury.  An overweight cat is also known to live 2 ½  years shorter than a fit feline.  To keep your cat healthy and at a normal weight, Animal Planet has composed a list of the Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Kitty Fit:

1. Try Competitive Play

2. Arrange an Outdoor Adventure

3. Police its Food

4. Be a Play Partner

5. Create an Indoor Jungle

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Pet Blood Donation

Did you know your pet can donate blood to save another pet’s life? Similar to humans, a pet can donate its blood to other pets who have different types of diseases or complications. Most small veterinarian clinics do not offer this service, but large clinics or veterinary schools do. According to PetMD, your pet may be rewarded with free pet food, routine physical examinations, blood work monitoring, and potentially free heartworm preventative. This is a great way to get a “free” routine screening for your pet. However, you may have to commit your pet to donating 4-6 times a year. PetMD contributor, Dr. Justine Lee, has come up with a list for the perfect donor candidate for both dogs and cats.

Perfect Dog Donor:

  • Between 1-7 years of age
  • Good-natured (like greyhounds!)
  • More than 50 pounds (in lean body weight)
  • Healthy
  • Up to date on vaccines
  • Not on any medication (other than flea, tick, and heartworm preventative)
  • Never received a transfusion before

Perfect Cat Donor:

  • Between 2-7 years of age
  • Healthy
  • Current on vaccines
  • More than 10 pounds (in lean body weight!)
  • Not on any medications (other than heartworm, flea, and tick preventative)
  • Indoor only (and that includes all the companion housemate cats, too)
  • Feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) negative
  • Never been previously bred
  • Never been previously transfused

Having your pet be a blood donor can be extremely rewarding and help save the life of someone else’s beloved pet!  

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Summer Dog Grooming Tips

A lawn mower perfumes the air with the fragrance of freshly-cut grass. You let the frisbee flit from your fingertips, then watch as your dog bounds alongside its dark green shadow. Her teeth clip the disk, and head held high, she marches triumphantly back…on fluorescent green paws. At times like this, a dog grooming guide is essential!

Summer is here, and, although the ASPCA suggests a three-month time lapse between groomings, every three days might seem more realistic this time of the year. Dog grooming, no matter how frequent, does not have to be a struggle if you familiarize yourself with the ASPCA’s guidelines.

Ease into It: Five to ten minutes may seem like insufficient time to groom your dog, but the first few grooming sessions need to be brief and fun. Otherwise, your dog could develop a negative attitude toward grooming—and a nigh fatal smell.

Brush First: This might also seem counterintuitive. Brushing before bathing untangles any mats lurking in your pet’s fur before they get soaked. Always consider the length of your dog’s coat: long fur will, understandably, require more maintenance.

Bath Time: If your dog is treading water, you probably went overboard. Four inches of warm water is all that is needed! From there, it is pretty straightforward. Just remember to use a pet-safe shampoo and to keep it out of her eyes!

Nail Trim: Your dog might not be crazy about this one. Occasionally rubbing her paws will eventually make her more comfortable around you. When trimming, avoid the pink near the base. That part is actually a vein, so it will bleed if cut!

Follow these tips, and dog grooming will never have to be a struggle again. Keeping your dog out of that mud puddle to start with is another matter entirely!

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Pet Furniture Covers

Whether your pet has sharp claws or a tendency to get a little messy, pet furniture covers are a great way to keep your furniture looking like new. These covers are meant to prevent pet hair from sticking to your furnishings, but they are also perfect for keeping your furniture clean from almost anything! The pet furniture covers are available in polyester microfiber faux suede or twill polyester material and are offered in a variety of colors.

Twill Pet Furniture Cover
“This is wonderful! My dogs are on the couches all the time and it catches their hair . It is easy to wash and use.”
-Rose, OH

Pet Sofa Cover

Microfiber Pet Furniture Cover
“This product is exactly what I wanted. It is soft, very well made and the right color. It also is the right fit for my sofa.”
-Glenn, NC

The polyester microfiber faux suede material also comes in a bed protector.  The furniture covers are extremely easy to clean and can be thrown in the dryer (no heat) between washings to remove the pet hair. All of these products are a stylish, practical way to protect your furniture investment!

Microfiber Bed Protector
“These covers are well made and two fit perfectly to cover a queen size bed. More importantly my dog loves them too.”
-Dog Lover, OR

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Workout Cool Down for Dogs

An exercise plan for your dog is extremely important.  The plan can consist of a run, a walk, or a game of fetch.  All of these exercises are enjoyable for a dog and also benefit the dog owner.  According to Pet MD, there are a few steps you should take post-workout to cool down and relax your dog.  The steps include the following:

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration: Giving your dog water is critical.  You will need to stop and give your dog water breaks periodically.  Remember not to give it more than it can handle because this will cause an upset stomach.

Cool Down-Toward the end of the exercise regimen, allow your dog to slow down/walk.  This lets its body temperature and heart rate settle back to normal.

Forgo the Food till Later: Feeding your dog right before a workout can cause digestive issues.  You also need to wait until it is rehydrated & cooled down after a workout to feed your dog its normal meal.

Body Check: Check for ticks, or other foreign object on your pet.  Make sure to check inside its ears, in between skin folds, on its belly, and anywhere else little critters can hide.

Foot Care: Pets are constantly on their feet, and they need to be given special care.  If you see anything out of the ordinary, please consult a veterinarian.

These tips will help your pet cool down more quickly and safely after its workouts!

Courtesy of Pet MD

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Natural and Organic Pet Food

We all want our pets to be healthy, and the first step is the food we choose for them.  The choices are abundant and can be extremely overwhelming!  Natural and organic pet foods have become popular over the past couple of years.  Choosing which one is best for your pet depends on your personal preference. The difference between natural and organic pet foods, according to PetSmart, is natural pet foods contain no chemicals and organic pet foods were raised without chemicals.

The term “natural” refers to feed or ingredients that come from only plant, animal, or mined sources, according to U.S. Association of American Feed Control Officials. Also according to the experts at PetSmart, “This means that pet foods labeled “natural” should not contain any chemically synthetic processing aids and chemically synthetic additives like artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives. Natural pet foods are also made from whole ingredients like chicken, beef, vegetables, and fruits…”

All Natural Cat Food

Organic foods are grown or raised without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or fertilizers, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA). They are also minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation. Instead of using chemicals, organic foods are grown and raised with more natural, biological methods like using mulch to prevent weed growth or compost instead of manufactured fertilizer, according to PetSmart. The ingredients in the actual food are not a factor in considering the food organic.

Organic Dog Food

With this information, you can now choose what food is best for your pet, so that it can live a healthy, full life!


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Find the Right Dog Breed for You!

Finding the correct dog breed that fits your lifestyle and personality can be difficult! We have researched some basic guides to help you with this decision. Dog Training Central has compiled a list of questions to ask yourself before selecting a breed. After answering the questions you will be able to choose the breed with a disposition that best fits your unique lifestyle!  An example of these questions are:

  • What size of dog breed do you favor?
  • Can you handle a dog that sheds heavily?
  • Is it important that your dog is good with children?
  • Will your dog be living with other animals and dogs?
  • What energy level should your dog have?
  • Will your dog be an inside dog, an outside dog or a bit of both?
  • How much and what kind of exercise are you prepared to give on a daily basis?
  • Do you suffer from any dog related allergies?

The full list of questions can be found here!

Another way to choose a dog breed is to pick from the top dog breeds recommend by the AKC. They take into consideration many factors to determine this list. The top dogs in the United States in 2011 were:

  1. Labrador Retriever

    Snuggle Pet Bed 26.5x16

    Poodle sitting on Upholstered Snuggle Pet Bed

  2. German Shephard
  3. Beagle
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Yorkshire Terrier
  6. Bulldog
  7. Boxer
  8. Poodle
  9. Dachshund
  10. Rottweiler

Hopefully discovering the right breed for you and your family is an easy task. We hope these tips have helped!

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Top Dog & Cat Names

Everyone goes though the struggle of picking the perfect name for a new dog or cat.  Normally, you want the name to be unique, easy to say, or just a name you have always loved.  There are many resources that list different dog and cat names.  These resources can include web sites, books, and word of mouth.  We found an article from the Huffington Post that gave the top 10 cat and dog names from 2012.  The list consists of unique names and also general names that everyone loves.  Picking the name for your pet can be the hardest part of having a pet.  We hope you will find this list as useful as we did!

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

Top 10 Dog Names (boy/girl):

  1. Bentley/Lola
  2. Diesel/Stella
  3. Tank/Luna
  4. Marley/Nala
  5. Milo/Izzy
  6. Gunner/Layla
  7. Louie/Lulu
  8. Thor/Ellie
  9. Cooper/Piper
  10. Leo/Mia

Top 10 Cat Names (boy/girl):

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

  1. Dexter/Lola
  2. Cooper/Stella
  3. Louie/Izzy
  4. Loki/Zoe
  5. Henry/Lulu
  6. Teddy/Luna
  7. Marley/Nala
  8. Tucker/Penny
  9. Ziggy/Ruby
  10. Winston/Willow

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Who’s Your Doggie?

Want to show your dog some love?  This personalized pet mat would be a perfect gift for your furry friend, or a loved one who has a pet. This mat will serve many purposes for you and your pet.  You can set your pet’s food and water bowls on this mat to help prevent messes on your floor.  It will also let other people know what your pet’s name is. Your pet will love this addition to its pet accessory collection!

Paws and Bones Personalized Pet Mat

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