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Hop into a Summer Garden with Outdoor Frog Decor

Create a “ribbeting” summer garden when you decorate with outdoor frog sculptures and signs. Ensure guests are aware of the parking situation with a whimsical sign that reads, “Frog parking only, all others will be toad.” A frog and grasshopper friend sit atop the vine-like stake the sign hangs from, keeping an eye out for rule breakers. Meanwhile, two frogs enjoy each other’s company and reminisce about Playground Days on a movable seesaw.

Shop more frog and animal outdoor and garden décor on the Touch of Class® web site!

Frog Parking Outdoor Garden Sign on Stake
Playground Days Frog Outdoor Garden Sculpture

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How to Protect Your Pets During Flea and Tick Season

Ah, the delight of spring and summer months. You might be eager to dive into those carefree, halcyon days, but you’ll forgive your pet if he’s not quite ready to share in your enthusiasm. If he could talk, he’d probably tell you that he dreads the warm-weather flea and tick frenzy: the itching, the irritation, and, worst of all, possible infection or illness. Keep your beloved pet from becoming parasites’ most appealing, furry snack with the help of flea and tick preventatives and treatments.

Proceed with Care
Consult your veterinarian to determine the safest option for your pet, and always follow the label instructions carefully. Monitor your pet after administering a flea or tick control product, especially if it’s a new addition to your arsenal. According to the AVMA, you should be on the lookout for these negative reactions: anxiousness, excessive itching or scratching, skin redness or swelling, vomiting, or abnormal behavior. If your pet has a bad reaction, immediately contact a veterinarian.

Keep in mind that many flea and tick control products are not intended for the youngest puppies and kittens, nor elderly cats and dogs. In addition, not all products are safe for underweight, sick, medicated, pregnant, or nursing animals. If you have both a dog and a cat, resist the temptation to give them the same medication, unless the product is formulated specifically for both cats and dogs. Finally, know the weight of your pet, and pay careful attention to the dosage level.

Choices, Choices
Lost in a jumble of choices? PetMD outlines the differences:

1) Spot-ons refer to medications that are applied directly to the pet’s skin. The active ingredients will be released over several weeks’ time. Spot-ons are convenient to use, but you must exercise care: Seclude your dog from other pets and from children until the treatment has dried fully. Wear gloves, or wash your hands with soap and warm water after applying the medication.

2) Oral medications provide a simple alternative to topical treatments. Some will work to kill adult fleas and can treat sudden outbreaks and infestations.

3) Sprays and powders are inexpensive ways of controlling fleas and ticks. A powder is rubbed into the pet’s fur. Read all labels carefully, and monitor your pet for side effects.

4) Shampoos typically kill adult fleas on contact; however, they won’t usually stop an infestation or keep the fleas from returning.

5) Dips are concentrated liquids that are applied to the pet’s skin and left to dry. Dips should only be used on healthy, adult pets. Keep the dip away from your pet’s eyes and mouth, and take care to protect your eyes and skin.

6) Flea collars repel fleas and sometimes ticks with a concentrated chemical. Monitor your pet for irritation or hair loss.

Keeping It Simple
If you’re looking for gentle ways to protect your pet during flea and tick season, consider some simple and natural home remedies. For a healthy, adult dog, PetMD suggests rubbing a freshly squeezed orange or lemon onto his fur, or bathing him with a gentle shampoo or citrus-based dish liquid. Tenacious though they may be, fleas are repelled by citrus. Another alternative is to apply rose geranium oil, a natural repellant, to your dog’s collar. PetMD cautions pet owners that this solution is for dogs only – not cats, who may have an adverse reaction to essential oils.

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Ribbit! Charm Your Garden with these Outdoor Frog Sculptures

Bring on the smiles with these lighthearted garden sculptures, which appear to have captured whimsical frogs going about their day. Witness a frog parent pulling its two little ones in a wagon, see two frogs reading their favorite book, or listen as a frog seems to play music from its chime harp. Safe for outdoor year-round use, these handcrafted frog garden sculptures have delightful details.

Click the images to shop these sculptures on the Touch of Class® site.

The Frog Family in Wagon Plant Holder features a frog parent spending the day with its two offspring, all in an aged stone gray finish. Add your potted plant to the rustic brown wagon to contribute to the fun!

Frog Family in Wagon Plant Holder

Lost in a spellbinding tale, an Eager Reader frog sits atop its parent as they pore over the book. Finished in a hand-rubbed verdi patina, the frogs in this sculpture blend literary charm with garden decoration.

Eager Reader Frog Outdoor Garden Sculpture

In the midst of a twinkling solo, the Frog Playing the Harp Sculpture offers an amusing take on a traditional wind chime. This garden sculpture depicts a verdi green frog musician sitting on a bronze stump as he “plays” his golden chime harp.

Frog Playing the Harp Outdoor Wind Chime Sculpture

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Outdoor Pet Sculptures for Spring

These animal sculptures are delightful as “outdoor pets”! Let them play worry-free in your flower bed or watch passersby from your porch. Each outdoor sculpture has realistic details and a lifelike expression. Which pet sculpture will find its way to your patio or garden this spring?

Click the images below to shop these outdoor pet sculptures on the Touch of Class® site.

With his ears perked up, Oliver looks like he could get into some mischief—but he promises not to dig any holes in your yard! He’ll even safeguard your spare key in the compartment in the base. Hand-cast in the USA, this dog sculpture is available in moss and antique white.

Oliver Outdoor Dog Sculpture

This precious tabby is full of Natural Curiosity, but she won’t harm any of your feathered friends; she seems more interested in the snail on the tree stump. Add your birdseed to the basin of this cat sculpture, and enjoy the amusing sight of birds sharing their dinner space with an inquisitive kitty.

Natural Curiosity Cat Bird Feeder

Who could resist the pleading eyes of this dachshund? This cutie appears to be waiting patiently for his Morning Walk, and the adorable details of this dog sculpture will win over dachshund devotees.

Morning Walk Dachshund Dog Sculpture

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Hopping Toward You: Outdoor Bunny Rabbit Sculptures for Spring

Open your yard or garden to the most well-behaved bunnies around! Full of whimsy and charm, these outdoor rabbit sculptures depict bunnies sharing a sweet moment, carrying your potted plant, or helping one of their friends. Safe for outdoor year-round use, these handcrafted bunny rabbit statues will be a darling addition to your outdoor space.

Click each image to shop on the Touch of Class® site.

The Bunny Lovers on Bench Garden Sculpture depicts two smooching rabbits under an umbrella. Finished in aged stone, these two bunnies look like they’ve come straight from a storybook!

Bunny Lovers on Bench Garden Sculpture

The Bunny Gardeners Plant Holder features two rabbits that are eager to be of assistance. Finished in a hand-rubbed verdi and gray patina, the bunnies carry a basket that can hold your potted plant.

Bunny Gardeners Plant Holder

The Helping Hands Shelf Sitter Garden Sculpture is an adorable display of teamwork. Hand-finished in bronze, three bunnies help their pal to safety over your ledge, shelf, or step.

Helping Hands Bunny Rabbits Shelf Sitter

The Rabbit Family Planter Holder is sure to make you smile. Finished in aged stone, two rabbit parents carry a basket, while baby bunny hitches a ride inside. The basket can hold your small planter.

Rabbit Family Planter Holder

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Pet Safety Tip: Use LED Flameless Candles!

To your pet, there are just so many interesting sights and smells in your home to explore—but that candle burning atop your table shouldn’t be one of them. Some rowdy playing nearby or a swish of that furry feline tail, and (oops!) you could have a real mess and dangerous situation on your hands.

Opt for flameless candles instead! Most battery-powered LED flameless candles provide a warm, flickering glow but are not hot to the touch. You don’t have to worry that if the candle is tipped over, the flame will start a fire. You don’t have to be concerned that your curious pet will get burned from the flame or the hot, dripping wax. And finally, you won’t be exposing your pet to potentially harmful fumes (some flameless candles are scented, so you may want to opt for unscented varieties).

Stock up on LED candles for a safer environment in your home. Flameless candles can be used in mantel displays, centerpiece arrangements, lanterns, wall sconces, and even seasonal decorations.

LED Flameless Candles

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February 20th Is National Love Your Pet Day

Today is 🐱🐶National Love Your Pet Day🐱🐶! No prompting is needed to care about your pet, but you might need a reminder to give your pal a little extra love today. Spend some quality time with your pet; no matter if he has fur, feathers, or scales, he’ll enjoy basking in your attention!

Did you know that pet ownership can boost your well-being? According to Consumer Reports, we humans have pets to thank for an increase in activity, healthier hearts, and lowered stress levels. Click here to read more about the positive ways pets affect our physical and mental health.

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Flexible Feline Table Sculpture

Accent your table with the intriguing position of a Flexible Feline. Perfect for a fireplace mantel or side table in any room, the whimsical table sculpture features a cat sitting and stretching. His tail is wrapped around the leg he holds up with his paw. This sculpture is perfect for any pet lover and is available in two colors: Mocha or Bronze.

Shop the Flexible Feline Table Sculpture on the Touch of Class® web site!

Flexible Feline Cat Mocha Table Sculpture
Flexible Feline Cat Bronze Table Sculpture

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Most Popular Dog Names from 2022

Happy 2023! We’re starting a new year, but we’re also checking out just which dog names received the most love in 2022. Raise your paw if you like the dog names on this list from the Rover blog!

🐶 Top 10 Male Dog Names:

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Milo
5. Buddy
6. Rocky
7. Bear
8. Teddy
9. Duke
10. Leo

🐶 Top 10 Female Dog Names:

1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Daisy
4. Lucy
5. Lily
6. Zoe
7. Lola
8. Sadie
9. Bailey
10. Stella

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We Woof You Warm and Furry Holidays!

Take some time during the busy holiday season to “paws” and cuddle with your furry family member. Whether a recently welcomed four-legged friend or long-time companion, take some time out of this busy and festive season to spend a tail-wagging good time with your pet.

We wish you and your pet a meowy holiday—and a purrfectly good 2023!

Ultimate Traditional Holiday Living Room

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