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Ribbit! Charm Your Garden with these Outdoor Frog Sculptures

Bring on the smiles with these lighthearted garden sculptures, which appear to have captured whimsical frogs going about their day. Witness a frog parent pulling its two little ones in a wagon, see two frogs reading their favorite book, or listen as a frog seems to play music from its chime harp. Safe for outdoor year-round use, these handcrafted frog garden sculptures have delightful details.

Click the images to shop these sculptures on the Touch of Class® site.

The Frog Family in Wagon Plant Holder features a frog parent spending the day with its two offspring, all in an aged stone gray finish. Add your potted plant to the rustic brown wagon to contribute to the fun!

Frog Family in Wagon Plant Holder

Lost in a spellbinding tale, an Eager Reader frog sits atop its parent as they pore over the book. Finished in a hand-rubbed verdi patina, the frogs in this sculpture blend literary charm with garden decoration.

Eager Reader Frog Outdoor Garden Sculpture

In the midst of a twinkling solo, the Frog Playing the Harp Sculpture offers an amusing take on a traditional wind chime. This garden sculpture depicts a verdi green frog musician sitting on a bronze stump as he “plays” his golden chime harp.

Frog Playing the Harp Outdoor Wind Chime Sculpture

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Outdoor Pet Sculptures for Spring

These animal sculptures are delightful as “outdoor pets”! Let them play worry-free in your flower bed or watch passersby from your porch. Each outdoor sculpture has realistic details and a lifelike expression. Which pet sculpture will find its way to your patio or garden this spring?

Click the images below to shop these outdoor pet sculptures on the Touch of Class® site.

With his ears perked up, Oliver looks like he could get into some mischief—but he promises not to dig any holes in your yard! He’ll even safeguard your spare key in the compartment in the base. Hand-cast in the USA, this dog sculpture is available in moss and antique white.

Oliver Outdoor Dog Sculpture

This precious tabby is full of Natural Curiosity, but she won’t harm any of your feathered friends; she seems more interested in the snail on the tree stump. Add your birdseed to the basin of this cat sculpture, and enjoy the amusing sight of birds sharing their dinner space with an inquisitive kitty.

Natural Curiosity Cat Bird Feeder

Who could resist the pleading eyes of this dachshund? This cutie appears to be waiting patiently for his Morning Walk, and the adorable details of this dog sculpture will win over dachshund devotees.

Morning Walk Dachshund Dog Sculpture

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