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Hopping Toward You: Outdoor Bunny Rabbit Sculptures for Spring

Open your yard or garden to the most well-behaved bunnies around! Full of whimsy and charm, these outdoor rabbit sculptures depict bunnies sharing a sweet moment, carrying your potted plant, or helping one of their friends. Safe for outdoor year-round use, these handcrafted bunny rabbit statues will be a darling addition to your outdoor space.

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The Bunny Lovers on Bench Garden Sculpture depicts two smooching rabbits under an umbrella. Finished in aged stone, these two bunnies look like they’ve come straight from a storybook!

Bunny Lovers on Bench Garden Sculpture

The Bunny Gardeners Plant Holder features two rabbits that are eager to be of assistance. Finished in a hand-rubbed verdi and gray patina, the bunnies carry a basket that can hold your potted plant.

Bunny Gardeners Plant Holder

The Helping Hands Shelf Sitter Garden Sculpture is an adorable display of teamwork. Hand-finished in bronze, three bunnies help their pal to safety over your ledge, shelf, or step.

Helping Hands Bunny Rabbits Shelf Sitter

The Rabbit Family Planter Holder is sure to make you smile. Finished in aged stone, two rabbit parents carry a basket, while baby bunny hitches a ride inside. The basket can hold your small planter.

Rabbit Family Planter Holder

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Pet Safety Tip: Use LED Flameless Candles!

To your pet, there are just so many interesting sights and smells in your home to explore—but that candle burning atop your table shouldn’t be one of them. Some rowdy playing nearby or a swish of that furry feline tail, and (oops!) you could have a real mess and dangerous situation on your hands.

Opt for flameless candles instead! Most battery-powered LED flameless candles provide a warm, flickering glow but are not hot to the touch. You don’t have to worry that if the candle is tipped over, the flame will start a fire. You don’t have to be concerned that your curious pet will get burned from the flame or the hot, dripping wax. And finally, you won’t be exposing your pet to potentially harmful fumes (some flameless candles are scented, so you may want to opt for unscented varieties).

Stock up on LED candles for a safer environment in your home. Flameless candles can be used in mantel displays, centerpiece arrangements, lanterns, wall sconces, and even seasonal decorations.

LED Flameless Candles

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