From Max to Maggie: Most Popular Dog Names of 2015

How did you choose your dog’s name? Are you a traditionalist, proud of your dog’s tried-and-true name? Perhaps you selected something trendy or chose a unique name that few others would have. If you’re searching for a name for your new best friend, or you’re just curious which names are the most popular, check out the top dog names of 2015, according to

Top 10 Male Dog Names:

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Buddy
4. Cooper
5. Jack
6. Rocky
7. Toby
8. Duke
9. Bear
10. Tucker

Top 10 Female Dog Names:

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Daisy
4. Molly
5. Lola
6. Sadie
7. Maggie
8. Sophie
9. Chloe
10. Bailey

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