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Halloween Costume Pet Safety Tips

Fright Night is creeping closer! Is your four-legged friend joining the Halloween fun this year? Maybe your sweet-natured Golden Retriever will be transformed into a lion (who loves everyone and scares no one). Or perhaps your cat will stir up some buzz as the world’s cutest bee. Even if your pet doesn’t nab “Best in Show,” no matter; he’s already won your heart. Before the bewitching hours are upon us, be sure to review these Halloween costume pet safety tips.

  1. Preparation is key! Test the costume out on your pet before Halloween so he has time to get used to it.
  2. Comfort, above all: If your pet seems miserable in his Halloween garb, don’t force him to wear it. The Humane Society reminds pet owners to look for signs of discomfort: folded-down ears, eyes rolling back or looking sideways, a tucked tail, and hunching over.
  3. No mask needed: Make sure the Halloween costume does not block your pet’s face or ears. The ASPCA cautions that your pet should be able to see, breathe, bark/meow, and hear as he would normally.
  4. Gotta dance: Check that your pet is able to move freely, and ensure that there are no dangling parts that could cause him to get tangled and trip.
  5. Simple is sometimes best: Avoid costumes with small, chewable parts or accessories that could come off and become a choking hazard.
  6. On the alert: Keep an eye on your furry pal throughout the night, and make sure that he still seems comfortable and safe in his Halloween costume.


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Microplush Bed Protector for Pets

In your pet’s eyes, your bed looks like a great place to play, sprawl out, or snuggle. You might not even mind too much – if not for the shedding and mess he leaves in his wake. If it feels a little heartless to banish him to the floor, find common ground with the help of the Microplush Quilted Bed Protector for Pets. This comfy cover drapes across a section of your bed, providing a plush resting spot for your furry pal, while protecting your favorite bedding from pet hair and snags.

Made of polyester microfiber, this pet bed protector has a quilted box design and piping for a handsome appearance. This accessory is also water-repellant, soil-repellant, and snag-resistant, with a lined back. The easy-care cover is machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle; simply line-dry it and then place it back on your bed. Choose from three shades to match your decor and three sizes to best fit your bed.

The Microplush Quilted Bed Protector can also be monogrammed with your pet’s name. You’ll love seeing your pet’s name on display, or giving the cover as a gift to a fellow pet owner. Click here to view and purchase this item.

Microplush Bed Protector

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