Pet-Shaped Doormats

As you step toward your door after a tough day, what thoughts are racing through your mind? Wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of the furry friend who awaits inside, with happy barks or an affectionate nuzzle? These pet-shaped doormats might just remind you to shake off that stress and enjoy some quality time with your cat or dog.

Both decorative and functional, these adorable doormats feature the rubber outline of a pet, with coir in place of fur. Durable, mildew-resistant coir bristles are great for removing dirt from your shoes so you don’t trek it inside. These pet-shaped doormats also have a rubber backing to help keep them in place. Whether you choose the cat doormat or dog doormat, you’ll be happy to see its cute outline welcoming you inside.

Dog Doormat Brown 16 x 26 Cat Doormat Brown 16 x 26

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