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Spring Grooming Tips for Your Pet

Whether it means fishing winter muck out of the gutters or just finally hefting your Christmas decorations into the garage, spring cleaning is a great way to revitalize your home, syncing your inside world with the freshness of the outside. But did you know that pets need to be spring cleaned too?

Referred to as “blowing the coat,” many pets undergo an intense but completely normal shed as the days grow longer and warmer. Here are some ways to facilitate the process until it’s finally over—and keep your home hair-free in the interim.

1. Shedding is natural, but patchy and excessive hair loss is not. If your pet is scratching or biting aggressively at her coat, get her to a vet to determine the real problem. It could be allergies, stress, fleas, or any other number of things.

2. Grooming should be a year-round occurrence, not just a one-time event to tack onto the spring cleaning list. According to, a lack of grooming can lead to mats, which are painful and may cause infection.

3. My Pet Naturally Clean suggests either brushing your pet until the winter coat is completely effaced or bathing first, brushing after, and bathing once more to coax out a stubborn undercoat. Take care not to over-bathe—this can irritate your pet’s skin.

4. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids can be supplemented into your pet’s diet to create a healthy coat and speed up the shed, suggests A combination of a bristle brush and a slick brush will make quick work of a short-haired dog’s—or cat’s!—coat; use a shedding rake for long-haired dogs.

5. Finally, if your furniture and carpet are to withstand this flurry of fur, you can use a “damp sponge” or “high-density foam” to pick hair up off surfaces. My Pet Naturally Clean praises these mechanisms for being reusable and more effective than costly alternatives.

Cleaning hair off each individual surface can be tedious work, and you no doubt have plenty of other chores on your to-do list. That’s why you should utilize pet accessories like the furniture covers to keep sofas, chairs, and loveseats hair-and-hassle-free. Pet covers are washable, freeing you to do other things…like finally taking down those Christmas lights.

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National Puppy Day – March 23rd

Freak snow flurries aside, springtime is just around the corner, and nipping playfully at its heels is National Puppy Day! You could hardly pick a more appropriate date than March 23rd; after all, spring is pretty much synonymous with “season of paralyzingly-cute balls of fluff.”

So how does one go about celebrating the day of the paralyzingly-cute? National Puppy Day was established to spread awareness about unlicensed puppy mills selling dogs though various commercial channels. This special day strives to encourage adoption. Often healthier and better socialized than their pet store counterparts, shelter pups mean less vet bills, less heartache, and tons more fun. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better reason to finally get that puppy you’ve always wanted!

If you’re already in possession of a puppy (or an overgrown one, for that matter), you can still get in the spirit by volunteering at your local animal shelter. These puppies—and many other animals, too—need a little extra love until they find their permanent homes. Otherwise, just set aside March 23rd for you and your own dog. Go on a long walk (weather permitting!) or pal around in the backyard. Buy him a sporty neckerchief in anticipation of warm days! Whatever you do, National Puppy Day is great for appreciating the pooch in your life—or bringing a new one into it!

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