Pet Furniture Protectors

The holiday season is over, and now you’re left peering into a holly-jolly abyss: towers of refrigerated leftovers, ornaments behind the couch, a tree that has yet to be taken down. If you got a new pet for Christmas, your mess factor has probably doubled at least. So here’s a little something to add to your post-Christmas list: pet furniture covers.

Pet furniture protectors are a must, whether you’re the new owner of a rambunctious youngster or a seasoned adoptee. Claws will snag, fur will shed—it’s just a reality of pet parenthood, but a furniture protector will preserve your sofas, chairs, and loveseats. Look for a pet furniture cover that will accentuate your furniture, not cheapen it. Durability and stain resistance are also a must, if you intend to stay on good terms with your animal friend all year round!

Faux-suede polyester furniture protectors are ideal; they’re hardy and soil-resistant, yet palatial and soft to the touch. A box or diamond-quilted face breaks up an otherwise flat surface and provides interest, while muted colors and neutrals will complement any color scheme.

When choosing a pet furniture cover, keep your pet’s nature in mind. Is he small but hyperactive? Go with the Microfiber Non-Skid Protector or the Microplush Pet Furniture Cover with its longer back-flap to prevent sliding.

Microfiber Non-Skid Furniture Protector Microplush Pet Furniture Cover

Is your pet so big she uproots normal protectors in one fell spring? Try the Microfiber Pet Furniture Cover with Tuck-In Flaps or the Ultimate Pet Furniture Cover with Straps. Straps serve the dual purpose of extra security as well as a more “finished” look.

Microfiber Pet Furniture Cover with Tuck-In Flaps Ultimate Pet Furniture Cover with Straps

Pet furniture covers can be both practical and luxurious, so think of them as a way to play up the beauty of your decor, not mask it. May the new year bring you less mess and nothing but happy times for you and your new four-legged companion.


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  1. jean layne

    i want to by one of these sofa covers, but cannot find any sizes or price

  2. i want to buy sofa cover for my dog/ price? size?

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