Merry Christmas to You and Your Pets

The year may be winding down, but the time has just arrived–the time when we impart acts of kindness on perfect strangers, be they man or animal. The holidays stoke a warm kinship in the heart that is not bound by species. It’s why, among the children’s stockings, we dangle smaller ones teeming with bones or catnip. It’s why we welcome weary rescues in from the cold and make their bowls brim with food, their beds with blankets. After all, during the holidays, there are no distinctions. Everyone is family.

May all Christmas pets, whether from pet stores or shelters, be received into loving homes. May all strays find a warm place to rest their heads and fill their stomachs. Above all, may a tender hand reach out to spare them from the streets, to bestow an affectionate pet, to assure them they are not alone in these final winter months.

Is your pet a Christmas rescue? Do you plan to induct a new member into your family this holiday season? Share your stories here—let your good deeds be known and inspire others to remember those less fortunate, even if they are covered in fur.


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