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Thanksgiving Treats for Your Pet and Dishes to Avoid

Thanksgiving dinner—a time to reflect on our blessings through mouthfuls of tender turkey and milky mashed potatoes. What you might not be so thankful for is your pet whining at you to slip morsels beneath the tablecloth while family and friends gab on unawares. Persuade your little beggar into being more thankful by giving him a feast of his own. Need some ideas? Take a glance at the menu, courtesy of Animal Planet!

Recommended Dishes:

  1. Turkey and Kibble. For dogs, savory chunks of diced turkey. For cats, a creamy puree of turkey mixed with sweet potatoes or pumpkin. Served by itself or mixed with dry food.
  2. Organic or Flavored Bones. Store-bought bones organically made from actual sweet potatoes or apples, or store-bought bones infused with a tantalizing turkey flavor.
  3. Vegetables. For birds and rodents, raw vegetables squirreled lovingly away from the cutting board and saved for later. For cats and dogs, cooked vegetables like carrots, green beans, and potatoes.
  4. Toys. Chew toys that release treats when rolled around or gnawed. A real crowd pleaser—these will keep your pet entertained and off of guests’ plates.

Dishes to Avoid:

  1. Two-Hour Turkey. Turkey that has been sitting out for longer than two hours could make your pet sick.
  2. Turkey Skin and Bones. Actual bones can splinter and damage the lining of your dog’s intestines.
  3. Toxic ingredients. Avoid chocolate, garlic, onions, raisins, and sage.

So, there you go! Store-bought or homemade, these dishes will get your pet in on the Thanksgiving fun and out of your hair—just one more thing for which to be thankful!

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