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Senior Pet Adoption Month

Let’s talk turkey! November is upon us and with it Senior Pet Adoption Month. If you have been considering adoption lately, you may be tempted to go for a puppy or kitten. Fluffy youngsters romping around a Christmas tree or popping their heads out of gift boxes are irresistible sights to be sure. But with the holiday hustle fast approaching, an older pet may be the way to go. Here’s why:

1. As the ASPCA points out, with age comes experience, meaning senior pets know how to behave and require less supervision. For example, an older pet is far less likely to be whiskers-deep in the Thanksgiving turkey while your back is turned.

2. Senior pets are more relaxed, according to Petfinder. The months leading up to January are busy enough as it is without a puppy constantly underfoot. Plus, an older pet can better appreciate the necessity of the post-Thanksgiving-dinner nap.

3. A pet that has reached adulthood is done growing. Unlike puppies or kittens, adult pets will not grow to an unwieldy size or develop unforeseen personality traits. Choosing a pet that shares your lifestyle and who won’t drag you by the leash down the sidewalk is made simple with older pets.

4. Petfinder says that senior animals have a greater mental capacity for learning new things. The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” simply isn’t true! This also makes training easier, meaning you’re less frustrated and free to do things other than clean up after your puppy that looks like a dog but has the attention span of a goldfish.

Both the ASPCA and Petfinder stress that senior animals are too often overlooked for adoption. Senior Pet Adoption Month is a time to spread awareness about the plight of senior animals. If you can’t adopt, spread the word!

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Christmas Pet Stockings

“Alex, Leah, Matthew…Fluffy?” If your Christmas stockings read in a similar fashion, chances are your pet is one of the family! And why shouldn’t he be? He’s there on the big morning after all, gnawing ribbons or shredding gift wrap while his human relatives laugh and unravel packages. The holidays are a time for family. Announce that special place your pet holds in your family with Christmas pet decorations. A new stocking filled with goodies will convey this message, no problem!

If your pet has erred more on the naughty side than nice this year, you’d best go with the Santa I’ve Been Good Pet Photo Stockings. Each Christmas stocking has a place for your 4″x6″ photo—an essential feature, if you have multiple pets. Cat versions and dog versions are available. The cat stocking reads, “Santa, I’ve Been Purrrfect;” the dog, “Santa, I’ve Been Doggone Good.” Each Christmas pet stocking is stitched with mice or bones and trimmed with a faux fur cuff. Santa won’t be able to resist these stockings. No coal guaranteed!

Santa Ive Been Good Cat Stocking Cat

Pets are often fascinated at the great pine tree suddenly “growing”—wonders of wonders—inside the house! The Holiday Pets Needlepoint Stockings embody this amazement in vibrant acrylic needlepoint. “Furry Elves” illustrates three curious cats investigating a Christmas tree. “Christmas Surprise” reveals a puppy popping with inquisitive eyes from a boot. A monogram option allows you to include your pet’s name. Filled with your rawhide bones or jingly mice, these stockings are the perfect gift for a pet or even pet lover.

Christmas Surprise Needlepoint Stocking

A stocking isn’t just a depot for candy. It’s a declaration of family membership, and pet lovers will be honored to know you think their pet is family.

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Celebrate National Cat Day

As Halloween nears, and black cat silhouettes with backs arched and hackles raised appear on every doorstep, we are reminded that National Cat Day, October 29th, is approaching. Unlike Halloween, however, National Cat Day is a time to banish all the spooky superstition surrounding these animals. It’s a day to honor felines as individuals, to shatter the old trope that cats are lazy, aloof creatures.

According to Petcentric, National Cat Day is behind a campaign to encourage the adoption of 10,000 cats all across the country. October 29th just might be the perfect day to hit up a shelter and rescue a homeless cat! Otherwise, just show the kitty already in your life that she isn’t just a bewhiskered obstacle course you must contend with when you’re fumbling for the hallway light switch. Shower her with treats or buy her a kitty condo (although a cardboard box seems to work just as well). Above all, just be there! Cats are fiercely independent animals, so they’re sometimes easy to overlook. But when you feel that little body curling figure-eights around your leg, take a minute to devote your attention entirely to her. A nice, long scratch behind the ears will speak volumes on National Cat Day.

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Christmas Pet Photo Pillows

When Santa reads all about your pet’s alleged “goodness” this year, let’s hope he overlooks the fine print! The Holiday Pet Photo Pillows have a central pocket for a 4″x6″ photo of your pet and feature a cute, embroidered testimony: “Dear Santa, I’ve been a very, very, very good cat (or dog!)” Below the photo, sandwiched sneakily between parentheses, are the words “most of the time.” After all, no pet–or person for that matter–can resist the occasional naughty act. But hey, Santa’s got a big heart. Surely he’s willing to overlook a shredded sofa or a gnawed shoe here and there! Besides, if your cat or dog really needs to make his case, a snapshot with big, wobbly eyes always works wonders.

These red, decorative pillows have sage piping and are bordered by mice and fish or bones and pawprints. Whether you own a rambunctious pet or know someone who does, this accent coordinates with any holiday theme and is the perfect gift for animal lovers!

Pet Picture Cat Pillow Cat 10 Square

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

How will your pet be celebrating Halloween? Will she be swaddled in a spooky costume, leering through the window at passing trick-or-treaters? Or will he be inching closer to you during a horror movie marathon? Keep some safety tips from Halo Pets in mind, and you can make this holiday more delightful and way less frightful!

1. Candy is the best part of Halloween—for people! Chocolate is poisonous to pets, and although an emergency trip to the vet would certainly be scary, it wouldn’t be fun. Bowls of candy—and decorations, for that matter—should always be kept out of reach. Homemade treats are a healthier way to get your pet in on the festivities!

2. The sight of your cat miserably dragging a Puss in Boots cape along behind him is likely to crush anyone’s Halloween spirit. Don’t dress him up if he seems uncomfortable. Also, be wary of any small costume accents a pet might swallow. Capes, to prevent strangling, should be avoided too. In other words: make it cute, keep it safe!

3. Keep your pet confined behind a pet gate if trick-or-treaters will be frequenting your front door. Picture total strangers with freakish masks entering your home unannounced, accosting your loved ones for candy. Anyone would get a little aggressive! Confining your pet will also prevent her from slipping outdoors while you are distracted.

4. All animals—especially black cats—should be prevented from roaming freely outside during October. A little Halloween mayhem is not uncommon, but some people take it too far and injure animals for fun. Protect them by restricting them to the yard or indoors.

A little precaution goes a long way to ensuring your Halloween is scary for all the right reasons. What will your pet be for Halloween? Do you have any safety tips you had to learn the hard way?

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