Cat Lover?

These cat sculptures are a wonderful way to display your love for cats!

Sprawled out luxuriously in the sun, Wylie Cat exercises a cat’s prerogative to simply be lazy. This whimsical resin shelf sitter sculpture depicts a stylized cat who is stretched out with his belly skyward. One paw dangles below, making this piece ideal as a shelf sitter or mantel accent.

Wylie Cat Shelf Sitter

Wylie Cat Shelf Sitter
“It is such a cute cat, the curves make it so real it reminds me of my own late kitty. It looks so adorable on my shelf!”
-Lama, PA

A happy meow and a warm nuzzle are all a cat needs for Purrfect Love. This resin cat sculpture depicts two affectionate felines; one sits upright while the other leans in to snuggle.

Purrfect Love Cat Table Sculpture

Purrfect Love Cat Table Sculpture
“I just love this statue! It looks perfect sitting on our nightstand in our bedroom. Would recommend these little guys to anyone who loves cats or beautiful art pieces.”

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One response to “Cat Lover?

  1. jennieb44

    Love the shelf sitter! It’s so cute and captures the true essence of a lazy kitty sunning on a windowsill.

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