Top Dog & Cat Names

Everyone goes though the struggle of picking the perfect name for a new dog or cat.  Normally, you want the name to be unique, easy to say, or just a name you have always loved.  There are many resources that list different dog and cat names.  These resources can include web sites, books, and word of mouth.  We found an article from the Huffington Post that gave the top 10 cat and dog names from 2012.  The list consists of unique names and also general names that everyone loves.  Picking the name for your pet can be the hardest part of having a pet.  We hope you will find this list as useful as we did!

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

Top 10 Dog Names (boy/girl):

  1. Bentley/Lola
  2. Diesel/Stella
  3. Tank/Luna
  4. Marley/Nala
  5. Milo/Izzy
  6. Gunner/Layla
  7. Louie/Lulu
  8. Thor/Ellie
  9. Cooper/Piper
  10. Leo/Mia

Top 10 Cat Names (boy/girl):

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

  1. Dexter/Lola
  2. Cooper/Stella
  3. Louie/Izzy
  4. Loki/Zoe
  5. Henry/Lulu
  6. Teddy/Luna
  7. Marley/Nala
  8. Tucker/Penny
  9. Ziggy/Ruby
  10. Winston/Willow

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