Monogrammed Pet Christmas Stockings

October kicks off the holiday season, and though Christmas seems far away, before long you’ll be flipping the calender page to December. On St. Nick’s Day or on Christmas morning (if you’ve been good), you can enjoy all sorts of goodies from your holiday stocking. But what about your pet? Will he be resting his jowls on his paws, wondering if any of the treats are meant for his teeth? Will she be flicking her tail expectantly, watching with alert eyes as you pull out your holiday bounty? The Monogrammed Pet Stockings will ensure that your furry pal isn’t left out of the holiday merriment.

Don’t let your pet get neglected in the holiday hubbub, and remember to show him plenty of TLC – lots of pats and belly rubs, plus a cute stocking loaded with your pet toys, treats, and grooming essentials. The Woof Dog Christmas Stocking has a pup in seasonal attire, holding a bone; the Meow Cat Christmas Stocking features a striped kitty with a present. Each red pet stocking has a loop for hanging and a white cuff that is ready and waiting to be monogrammed with your pal’s name. These pet stockings are a clever way to treat your furry friends, but they also make great gifts for the fellow pet lovers in your life. They’ll be happy that you included their beloved dogs or cats in the seasonal gift-giving!

Meow Cat Christmas Stocking RedWoof Dog Christmas Stocking Red

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the U.S.

What sort of dog has stolen your heart? Is it the Golden Retriever, with its boundless enthusiasm and happy, winning expressions? Or is it a tiny teacup pup, looking adorable whether it’s posing for a glamour shot or peeking out from your purse? If you’re curious which canine pals your fellow dog lovers are choosing, take a look at the top 10 dog breeds, according to 2013 registration statistics from the American Kennel Club.

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Beagle
  5. Bulldog
  6. Yorkshire Terrier
  7. Boxer
  8. Poodle
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Dachshund

Pet Photo Frame Puzzle Piece Wall Art

As a proud “pet parent,” you’re undoubtedly quite the shutterbug when it comes to your pet. But what are you doing with all those photos of your feline friend or happy pup? Are they sitting idly on a memory card? Slipping down your fridge front, at the mercy of gravity and too-tiny magnets? Give those cute pics a better home in the Pet Photo Frame Puzzle Piece Wall Art.

These painted wooden accents are shaped like puzzle pieces and are meant to be displayed on your wall. You can fit the pieces together, just like a puzzle. These USA-made wall accents also make fun and unique gifts for fellow pet lovers. Each puzzle piece has a plastic insert to protect your photo.

The My Cat Photo Frame Puzzle Piece has a creamy ivory finish and will hold your 6″x4″ photo; the quote reads “My cat is purrfectly sweet!” This plaque looks great beside the Solid Green Photo Frame Puzzle Piece. Solid color puzzle piece will hold your 5.5″ sq. photo.

My Cat Quote Photo Frame Cream

The My Dog Photo Frame Puzzle Piece has a red finish and will hold your 6″x4″ photo; the quote reads “My dog is my best friend – no bones about it!” Pair this accent with the Solid Color Photo Frame Puzzle Piece for a terrific wall art display. Solid color puzzle piece has a creamy ivory finish and will hold your 5.5″ sq. photo.

My Dog Quote Photo Frame Red

Pet Food Hideaway Storage Unit with Bowls

Your precious pup is a member of your family, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. His toys and treats and grooming products, on the other hand… those are starting to clutter your home. If you’re on the verge of pitching some of the pet paraphernalia, take heart: there’s a solution that will satisfy your need for an uncluttered home, and it won’t compromise your tasteful decor.

The Pet Food Hideaway Storage Unit has a classic cherry finish and a modest appearance that mimics traditional decor; when it’s closed, you’d never guess that its purpose is to house your pet’s accessories! This wooden pet food storage unit has two functional drawers that pull out; the hinged top lifts to reveal additional storage space, 5.5″H. The bottom drawer includes two removable, stainless steel bowls for your pet’s food and water. The 5″H drawer above is ideal for stashing away grooming products and toys (but not your pup’s favorite, of course). The top compartment is a great place for small bags of food and treats.

This sophisticated pet food storage unit requires no assembly, and its overall size (16″Wx13″Dx20″H) makes it compact enough to fit in a variety of spaces. Not sure if your dog is large enough to reach the pet bowls? The measurement from the floor to the top of the bottom drawer is 7″.

Pet Food Storage Unit Classic Cherry Pet Food Storage Unit Classic Cherry

Summer Heat Pet Safety Tips

As the blistering sun beats down, your clothing clings to your body, your sunglasses aren’t quite adequate, and you long for a cool blast of A/C. Sound familiar? Those boiling, sticky days of summer can be tough on us – and equally challenging for pets. Your favorite furry pal will be relying on you to keep him comfortable as the temperature climbs, so keep these summer pet safety tips in mind.

Parking Restrictions

You know the dangers of leaving children in parked cars, especially on hot days – the same goes for pets. Resist the temptation to leave your pet inside, no matter how quick you think that errand might be. According to the Humane Society, on an 85-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes, even with the windows opened slightly.

Exercise Care

Though exercise is undoubtedly important for your pet, it can do more harm than good on hot days. Limit your pet’s exercise on sweltering days, and consider spending that quality time together in the early morning or later in the evening, when temperatures aren’t extreme. The Humane Society recommends adjusting the intensity and duration of the exercise according to the temperature. Remember that asphalt will be scorching on summer days, so have some sympathy for your pet’s paws, and let your buddy romp on the grass when possible. Keep plenty of water on hand as well to prevent dehydration.

Invitation to Party?

You might want your loyal pal to be your “plus one” at pool parties and summer gatherings, but be ready to keep an eye on him. Never leave your pet unsupervised around water, and try to keep him from drinking the water. The ASPCA warns that pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals that can upset your pet’s stomach. And speaking of your pet’s tummy, remember that “people food” may give him digestive trouble. The ASPCA recommends keeping alcohol, raisins, grapes, onions, and chocolate away from your pet.

Window to the World

Ahhh… You and your pet are safely inside. Maybe you’ve opened a window if there’s a break in the heat – but don’t relax quite yet. Your curious pets, especially cats, can be seriously injured if they fall out of an open window. The ASPCA recommends a common-sense approach: Keep unscreened windows closed, and make sure screened windows are properly secured.

Summer Pet Travel Products

Have you been dreaming about that upcoming weekend trip or summer getaway? You might have packed some tiny toiletries, mini packages of tissues, or spill-proof beverage mugs… all items intended to make your life easier when you travel. But what about your pet?

The four-legged member of your family deserves special consideration when it comes to travel, so leave a little room on your packing list for his necessities. These summer pet travel products will keep both of you happy on those warm-weather jaunts.

When it’s time to hit the road, let Fido ride shotgun (even if he doesn’t “call it”) safely with the Snoozer Pet Lookout Car Booster Seat. This comfy seat has a quilted exterior and a Sherpa interior. The booster seat straps in with your existing seatbelt and also has a safety strap for use with your pet’s harness. The small size can hold up to an 18 lb. dog, and the medium size can hold up to a 25 lb. dog.

Snoozer Pet Lookout Booster Car Seat Snoozer Pet Lookout Booster Car Seat

The Snoozer 4-in-1 Collapsible Rolling Pet Carrier is another innovative option for summer travel. This versatile pet accessory has four functions: a wheeled pet carrier with telescoping handle, a traveling pet bed, a backpack carrier with padded shoulder straps, and a pet car seat. This durable pet carrier is quilted microfiber with mesh panels. When not in use, this pet carrier can be collapsed and easily stored. The small size can hold up to a 7 lb. dog, the medium size can hold up to a 15 lb. dog, and the large size can hold up to a 30 lb. dog.

Snoozer(TM) Rolling Pet Carrier

Your furry friend needs to stay hydrated, and a portable pet water bowl will be a welcome sight on hot days. The Presto Collapsible Bucket is made of watertight, lightweight nylon and folds flat when not in use, making it ideal for travel. This durable, convenient accessory also includes a zippered nylon carrying bag. (Product is shown here as a wash bucket.)

Presto Collapsible Bucket

Pet Treat Canister Sets for Cats and Dogs

Kibble bags and treat boxes, while handy at snagging even the most inattentive pet’s attention, are not attractive additions to the home. (Here’s looking at you, fifteen-pound dog food sack slouched in the corner.) For the new year, why not harmonize your living space with your pet’s? These pet treat jars store your pet food in fluted canisters with species-centric lids.

The Kitty Treats Canister Set features cat finials that seem to hail from Ancient Egypt, with high heads and angular faces. Finished in antique silver with paw print accents, these vessels can display cat nip treats, dry food, or any one of kitty’s snacks.

The Doggy Treats Canister Set exhibits old-fashioned charm with its antique bronze finish, calling to mind faithful hounds of yore. Tail curled neatly over their feet, the dog finials pose above a ring of bone accents.

These pet treat canisters have airtight lids, assuring food inside stays fresh. Small, medium, and large sizes provide a variety of arrangement opportunities. Easy-to-access and attractive, these pet treat jars could bring you and your pet one step closer to domestic harmony!


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